Artists give £13,000 to Petersfield-based charity which rehomes Syrian refugees

By Post in Charity

ARTISTS supporting a Petersfield-based charity which rehomes Syrian refugee families and lone Syrian children have raised more than £13,000 for it.

The money for the Rural Refugee Network (RNN) was donated after an art sale at Bordean House, home to Julia Waugh Thistleton, joint founder of the charity with Kaaren Wallace, of Buriton.

The event followed the successful inaugural art sale last year and this year more art work worth £40,000 was sold.

Of that, a third was donated to the charity by the artists from London and across the south of England, including the Petersfield area and East Hampshire.

Julia said: “I’m really chuffed with the result, to better than last year is amazing and down to the hardwork of the volunteers who put in lots of time to make the sale happen so successfully.”

Charity spokesman Genevieve Raeburn added: “Thanks to the generosity of the artists it was a very successful evening, and really good fun as well.

“About 270 guests attended the event, and 90 pieces of art were sold.”

As well as the artwork, an art quilt made by some of the Syrian women from the refugee families was also sold, called ‘Hope’ it went for £300.

The money donated by the artists will go toward helping the refugee families already in the county, some living in East Hampshire.

Another two families from Syria are expected to arrive by the summer, and the money will help rehome and support them until they can live independently.

Genevieve said: “One of the families that arrived earlier is now fully independent, and money from the art sale will go toward helping those who aren’t yet, and the newcomers.”

For those already here, it will pay for the children to go to events and camps in the school holidays and enjoy everyday activities their parent can’t yet afford.

It will also help furnish the homes of the families due to arrive here, and go into a maintenance fund for the homes rented from private landlords.

As well as rehoming refugees, the charity has begun using its expertise to help groups rehoming refugees in other parts of the UK.

It is also hoping to find homes for refugees in Portsmouth and Southampton. Genevieve says RNN is aiming to enlist the help of Muslim communities in both cities.