Petersfield pair from TV's Pointless show return winners

By Post in Local People

TWO ASSISTANTS at Petersfield library have won £2,000 on television quiz show Pointless.

Library assistant Nick Morley, of Tilmore Gardens, and Jane Wing, of Heath Road, who is a Tourist Information Centre assistant, agree the BBC 1 show was a “wonderful experience.”

To win, contestants are asked questions to which they try to give answers no-one else has suggested.

The episode featuring Nick and Jane was shown on May 16, but filmed 12 months earlier – afterwards they were sworn to secrecy about their win.

Nick, a veteran of about a dozen television game shows, said: “We could tell our family we had won, but no one else. It was a fantastic day, wonderful fun, and I would say to anyone thinking of entering a game show to do it.”

Jane, a game show novice, added: “It was wonderful, everyone was really nice, and afterwards we had dinner with some of the contestants, who were lovely people.”

To celebrate their success, the library is showing a re-run of their episode at 10am this Friday.

Library team manager Nicola Hepple said: “Customers have asked about Jane and Nick and anyone is welcome to join us to watch.”